Yorkshire and Lincolnshire’s top sporting venues are where the action is

With the Olympics taking place in the UK in 2012, the spotlight has shone on the whole nation’s fantastic sporting heritage – and our region is testament to the advantages a major sporting venue can bring. Many of Sheffield’s top venues were built for the World Student Games twenty years ago and have created a fabulous legacy that to this day ensure the region is an international class sporting destination. Indeed, such is the quality of the facilities, over a dozen nations have based their Olympic training camps in our part of the UK, while Team GB are basing their operations in our region, such as the equestrian stars in Lincoln. The influx of athletes and back-up staff is clearly a great financial boost.

As well as playing host to sporting legends, many of our sporting venues also make wonderful backgrounds to corporate events. No longer is it the case that these places only come to life on Saturday afternoons and many are now just as vibrant throughout the week, playing host to all manner of conferences and events. It’s not surprising – the teams have experience of organising huge gatherings of people. Certainly the facilities an offer too are absolutely at the top of the range – many of the leading sporting venues provide five star dining and some of the most luxurious settings imaginable for their VIP guests.

Experts in the science of bringing people together have long suggested sporting venues are a brilliant place to host an event, whether you’re intending on impressing potential clients or treating loyal staff. Offering tickets to watch some top quality sporting action is always likely to be a major draw to attract people to your event, and there’s always something to talk about if attempts at small talk fall a little flat.

Of course some of your guests wouldn’t be able to explain the offside rule or tell the difference between Fred Trueman and Freddie Flintoff – but that’s no problem. There’s always the opportunity to enjoy the food and drink and talk to fellow guests, and the corporate facilities usually remain open so you can continue to relax in comfort rather than being herded out onto the terraces.

Horse racing is a particular favourite for those who regularly plan events. It’s no surprise as the action usually happens at regular intervals, so there’s always another race coming up that can help break the ice during conversations, even if it’s just to ask for tips, and it provides a valuable structure to the event. The races are usually short enough to avoid boring those with no interest in the sport, too. And if your guests are fortunate enough to back a winner, you could even be considered something of a lucky charm – a great omen for successful business! Other sporting events, meanwhile, bring with them an obvious structure as well – a relaxing lunch to begin, followed by the afternoon’s action.
It’s not all about watching sport either – there are also plenty of chances to take part. We hear much about business deals being done on the golf course and certainly that offers a chance to see another side to potential clients than a relentless series of formal meetings. That’s certainly a benefit for Lincolnshire which in recent years has been marketing itself as the home of golf – the English Golf Union has been based in the county for generations and it plays host to some spectacular courses that will certainly impress your clients.
Our region can offer a greater range of sports than most, so there’s bound to something that appeals. There are few other places that can offer some of the UK’s most famous football teams, its most important horse races and most stunning golf courses. All offer wonderful hospitality alongside the best in sporting action.