Yorkshire and Lincolnshire both have their share of grandiose buildings from history, and these are both an attractive and convenient place to hold an event.

Visitors have been drawn to Yorkshire and Lincolnshire for generations thanks to its sense of history. There’s certainly a host of fabulous buildings across the region that offer spectacular backdrops to any event – especially if you want to add a touch of class to proceedings.

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The region’s historical settings are particularly valuable if you’re welcoming guests from overseas – American tourists, in particular, are famously enthusiastic about British history and will doubtless jump at the chance to see some beautiful and iconic architecture close up. That’s great news as the region is blessed with a huge number of stately homes, castles and religious buildings that all make for a very special setting for an event and all have a story or two to tell, with sympathetic renovation in recent years ensuring they’re looking as good as ever.

Indeed the number of film crews that have arrived in the region in recent years is enormous, with parts of Lincolnshire having stood in for Britain in the past in numerous TV shows, and the list of films made in Yorkshire reading almost as a history of the British film industry itself. Bradford has been named the world’s first UNESCO City of Film – bestowing international recognition on Bradford as a world centre for film because of its rich movie heritage and its inspirational locations.

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Our region regularly welcomes overseas visitors on familiarisation trips to convince them to choose the region as a location for their events and these always feature excursions to some striking buildings. You only have to look at the worldwide interest in the Royal Wedding and Diamond Jubilee in recent years to realise the continued appeal of traditional British fare so, even if you find it a little clichéd yourself, it’s always worthwhile playing up the royal connections you’ll find throughout the UK.

Don’t think that just because you’re making use of a historical venue you have to stand to attention and spend the whole event frightened to touch anything – the events teams at these venues are well-versed in the stresses and strains of the modern-day event. Most offer all the facilities you’d expect from the most advanced of venues, and will often make use of marquees to provide all the glamour and history of a classic venue with additional flexibility – the best of both worlds.

Using historical venues gives your event a touch of class that will doubtless have huge appeal to the kind of people you’re hoping to impress. Few places have as fabulous a heritage as Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and a historical setting will certainly be a talking point at your event – providing your guests with style to go with the substance.